Our Fleet

Whether it’s a motorbike, a family hatchback, or a 44 ton articulated lorry, we can rescue or recover any type of vehicle, from any location, at any time, no matter what the condition of the vehicle.

We do this using the appropriate specialist rescue or recovery vehicle from our fleet of over 250. Every unit is manned by a fully trained, specialist patrol who is experienced in dealing with the class of vehicle being rescued or recovered.

Our fleet consists of a number of types of rescue and recovery vehicles. Each vehicle is built to our stringent specifications, based on over 30 years experience of rescuing and recovering vehicles and their occupants, and represents the very latest in vehicle rescue and recovery technology.



For the straightforward rescue of motorbikes, cars, and light vans that have broken down at the roadside we use a Service Van, identical to those used by nationwide rescue organisations such as Green Flag, AA and RAC.

The main purpose of the Service Van is to carry out a roadside repair that allows the vehicle and it’s occupants to continue with their journey. Each Service Van carries a comprehensive inventory of commonly needed parts, and in 80% of cases the Roadside Patrol successfully repairs the vehicle.

If the Patrol is unable to solve the problem at the roadside, every Service Van is equipped with a compact recovery trailer (CRT) that is used to tow the broken down vehicle to whatever location the vehicle’s driver chooses. Roadside Patrol Service Vans can transport the driver and one passenger with their vehicle, to their chosen location.




Where a vehicle, and its occupants, is likely to need recovery we use a 7.5 ton Slide-Bed Recovery vehicle. Like all of our fleet, these vehicles are built to our own demanding specification based on over 30 years experience.

Each 7.5 ton recovery vehicle is manned by a fully trained experienced Recovery Patrol, and is capable of recovering any vehicle up to an un-laden Sprinter van or similar, and six occupants




For larger vehicles our 12 ton Slide-Bed Recovery vehicles are able to recover vehicles up to a loaded van including long wheelbase or Luton vehicles, and up to six occupants.

12 ton recovery vehicles are manned by fully trained, experienced Recovery Patrols, and like every vehicle in our fleet are capable of recovering vehicles at any time, from any location, regardless of the vehicle’s condition.




The largest vehicles in our fleet, Commercial Recovery vehicles, are designed to recover anything from a 7.5 ton rigid lorry to a 44 ton articulated lorry (unit and trailer), quickly and safely.

Our commercial recovery units are manned by fully trained HGV Recovery Patrols, who are experienced in recovering not only vehicles that have broken down, but also vehicles involved in serious traffic accidents.

Put simply, these vehicles really can recovery any vehicle from any situation, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.




The latest additions to our fleet are all-weather 4×4 rescue vehicles, designed to deal with increasingly harsh winter conditions in the UK.

Our all-weather rescue vehicles are manned by our experienced Incident Managers. They are capable of getting to virtually any incident whatever the weather. Wherever possible they repair the vehicle at the roadside, or if necessary can tow vehicles out of snowdrifts, icy, or flooded conditions.